Dump Truck Websites

Site 1:
Site Name: Topskips.com
Domain Name: http://www.topskips.com
Overall Rating: 4/5
Summary: This should be your first site when looking for skip hires across the U.K. and Ireland. Their service is competitively priced and comes with a guarantee that at least 70% and up to 90% of waste material being hauled away will be recycled. They have a clearance from the Environmental Services Agency (ESA) to do this. Topskips is the preferred choice of leading British companies for all their waste management and recycling requirements. The site offers live phone and chat customer support. They are also ISO certified which means their safety record is excellent. The risks of accidents are borne by the company and not the client.

Site 2:
Site Name: Dump Truck Insurance.com
Domain Name: http://www.dumptruckinsurance.com
Overall Rating: 4/5
Summary: A great site to scout for insurance coverage for all those dump truck owners and operators. Expert insurance agents provide a competitive quotation for all insurance needs of both trucking firms and owner-operators alike. Insurance cover is required when hauling aggregates such as gravel, asphalt and sand across long distances by the Department of Transportation. The insurance cover also includes cover for the truck driver as this is one occupation that is considered hazardous. Accidents usually happen when the dump truck driver has not positioned the truck on a level surface such that the sudden change of weight and balance can make the truck slide downhill or even turn turtle.

Site 3:
Site Name: BuildingTalk
Domain Name: http://www.buildingtalk.com
Overall Rating: 3/5
Summary: A good site that happened to also feature the previous site of Topskips.com mentioned above. This site contains excellent advice about avoiding a bad skip hire experience (such as accidents happening and getting sued), save some money and at the same time help the environment too. Frequently asked questions on how to avoid nightmarish experiences are answered in a new TV show that shows viewers what happens to their skip trash when it is taken away by the contractor. This husband-and-wife skip business team tries to assuage the common complaints of people who hire skips and got disgusted with the service.

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